Book of Legends - The Eternal Empire

An exciting series of open-world adventure gamebooks, Book of Legends - The Eternal Empire is set in an alternate history where the Roman Empire survived and expanded across the world. A world where Gods, magic, and monsters are very real.

Over a millennium ago, The Divine Fire scorched the ancient lands of the Mediterranean, ushering forth an era of unprecedented upheaval. Gods awoke from their slumber and the study of wondrous magic allowed the Empire to expand into the most powerful on Earth. 

The immortal Emperor Romulus rules with an inhuman force of will and power. In equal measures, He heaps rewards on the loyal as He does terrifying punishments against the apostates. The Fire also brought with it foul creatures. Mutants never witnessed in history nor legend, encouraged by the dark power of The Infernals.

Consumed by these beasts from within, and assaulted on all fronts from without, the Eternal Empire of Rome now fears a possible conclusion to its perpetuity.  


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